Passengers Live-Tweet as an easyJet Flight Gets Delayed Because Crew Can’t Get Along

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On Wednesday, an easyJet flight from London Gatwick to Belfast was delayed because two flight attendants couldn’t get along.

It had nothing to do with mechanical issues or a crowded runway, but instead, two crew members with a “verbal disagreement”. The plane had to return to its gate until the two involved could be replaced.

To make matters worse, the plane was loaded with kids and babies. The band Disclosure was also on the flight and, like many others, were pretty pissed at easyJet.

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Ben Schwartz Reveals the Truth Behind the Theory That Steve from Stranger Things Is Parks and Rec’s Jean-Ralphio’s Real Dad

Just look at the comparison though, it has to be true. 

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A Dad Let His Daughter Take a Bite of a Deer Heart and Now the Internet Is Losing Their Minds


People are outraged after a New Zealand father and daughter shared pictures of their special hunting trip with the Facebook group called NZ Woman Hunters. The pictures show Johnny and his daughter Chloe celebrating her first kill with a tradition some folks are calling “sadistic”.

It was 8-year-old Chloe’s first ever kill. So, by tradition, “she took a bite from its quivering heart.”

Well…. the picture garnered over 20,000 shares and the comments section triggered a lot of hate.

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If You Drive for Uber, Please Start Recording Your Customers and Sharing the Best With Us

Think of the YouTube ad revenue you could be pocketing!

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Artist with No Knowledge of Pokémon Doodles Dozens of Them and It’s Completely Nuts


Check out the following gallery that includes the artist’s interpretation for ‘Pokémon’ like Lugia and Cyndiquil, and more.

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If You and Your Friends Could Pull This Off, You’d Be Celebrating Like Them Too

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Tropical Storm Gaston Is Bringing a Whirlwind of Memes to the Internet


Tropical Storm Gaston is on it’s way and all people can think of is a certain, ultra manly Disney character.

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James Harden’s First Signature Shoe Is Getting Roasted Harder Than Steph Curry’s Ever Did

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Two months ago, Steph Curry released his all-white Curry 2 Lows and the internet absolutely destroyed them. His dad-like basketball shoes were all anyone could talk about, until now.

Tuesday, the internet got a glimpse of James Harden’s first ever signature shoe with Adidas. In a nutshell, the shoe looks as horrible as his defense.

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CNN Showed a Live Stream of VP Nominee Mike Pence Getting a Haircut and It Was as Awkward as It Sounds

The most awkward part was where the Barber had no idea who Mike Pence was:

.@Mike_Pence stops for a hair cut—from a barber who doesn't recognize him:

— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) August 24, 2016

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Bill Nye Calls Out CNN For Having a Meteorologist Denying Climate Change on Live TV

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