30 Cringeworthy Pics That Won’t Fail to Make You Gag

Set cringe thrusters to full…cause these 30 pictures are cringe-inducing displays of humanity gone wrong.

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Snowboarder Bro Wipes Out Into Sheep, Experiences Instant Karma In The Form of Getting Rammed For Mistake

This is what they don’t show you on SSX, man. The implications of wiping out on nature. Clearly our fearless fresh pow pow shredder of the hour failed to pull off the 40,000 point combo he was aiming for; and evidently the sheep have something to say about it. 

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A Bunch of Adult Film Stars Go Around Squashing Porn Misconceptions And Also Share Their Sex Tips

Adult film star Harriet Sugarcookie (what a damn ‘stage’ name full of sweetness) up and decided to go around questioning some well-known porn stars about those dirty and depraved thoughts that have raced across the sex-crazed mindscapes of many an individual. They even proceed to do us one better, and dish out some sex tips. 

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Nintendo Puts Banana Peels In Path of Real Life Mario Kart Business Making Money Off Their Ideas, Hilarity Ensues

Nintendo ever protective of its business, successfully pulled off a banana peel assault mission on a Japanese business that was trying to scrape together some extra yen by simulating the iconic Mario Kart, in real life. If there’s one thing the go kart business MariCar likely learned, it’s that you don’t go to battle with the damn titan of brands. 

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Mom of the Year Trolls the Shit Out of Her Son By Sending Him a Care Package Filled with Trash

fail mom sends care package filled with trash

Moms. Some say, they don’t understand. Some say, they’re the reason you’re alive. Others say, they know to troll. 

This mom falls into that last category. 

When Westminster College freshman Connor Cox thought that he was getting a carepackage from his mom, it turns out what he was getting a reminder to take the trash out.

Thought my mom was sending me a care package… but instead she sent me a box of trash i was supposed to take out. pic.twitter.com/UetdT5UoVP

— Connor Cox (@thedeal_5) January 30, 2017

Well played, mom. Then he went on the news to talk about how sick his mom is and what a nerd he is. Way to go, mom. 

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Here’s a Supercut of Walking Phlegm Blockage and Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Freaking Out

Alex Jones is a man who made a career out of making up fairy tales about why homosexuality exist (he thinks “they” are putting chemicals in the water that “turn the friggin’ frogs gay.” But man is it entertaining to watch him just lose it. 

Of course, most of his freak outs are just guttural sounds because he’s a man who bleeds blood, but being the living embodiment of trying to talk after drinking too much milk has its drawbacks. 

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Video Asks "Are Boys Smarter Than Girls?," Discovers They’re Pretty Much the Same

Despite the fact that science pretty much tells us that boys and girls have essentially the same brain functionality, there is a tendency to assume higher intelligence in males than females. Why is this stupid thing still a thing?

As this video from AsapSCIENCE reveals, a phenomenon known as the “Stereotype Threat” is the culprit. This leads parents being 2.5x more likely to Google “Is my son gifted?” than “Is my daughter gifted?” It has to do with socialization and the way we nurture children to go into STEM fields. 

But things are getting better. Check out this video for more. 

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Here It Is: Some Lady Wrestling to Fit a Christmas Tree in a Garbage Can

Christmas might be over, as is New Years, Martin Luther Kind Day, and Valentine’s Day, but that’s not going to stop this lady from trying to get her old ass Christmas tree in the recycle bin. 

Honestly, she’s an American hero. Reduce, reuse, recycle, kids. 

Nailed it. 

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39 More Magical Memes to Make the Most out of Your Day

Memes,meme list,daily dose

Not much to say here. Here’s some more memes for your viewing pleasure.

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Turns Out Batteries Exploding in Slow Motion Is Just As Cool As You Thought It Would Be

YouTubers The Slo Mo Guys make something out of nothing. They can take the smallest item and show why destroying it is so cool. By setting these small but combustible batteries ablaze, we get to see these tight little explosions for what they are: Awesome. 

Watch batteries are one thing, but when you get to the Double As, things get lit. In slo mo, they look like friggin’ rocket ships or something. It rocks. 

In slo mo, they look even cooler. 

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