Entitled Gossipy Witch Ruins Romantic Relationship, Gets Her Own Miserable Life Ruined

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For those out there that don’t have the time or energy to read through the whole saga, here’s how I’d break it down: OP falls in love with a French teacher in a small town out in the middle of nowhere. Apparently rumors begin circulating that they were dating while he was still in school, which wasn’t true. Thing is that he waited till after graduating. From there, they both get fired and start over in California where they raise a family. Years later OP hears about who started the rumors; his jealous druggie friend, Jerry. 

OP goes ahead and sends old videos of Jerry doing drugs back in the day, along with his family who occasionally partook. They too proceed to lose everything. A bit of a brutal revenge tale, if it’s in fact true. Hard to tell when the writing and storyline is this developed. An enjoyable read either way though! 

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