Fail Blog Lives Up To Its Name, Gets Hilariously Toasted By Pop-Tarts On Twitter

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Whether it’s living up, or down, to our name, you be the judge. It was a morning, not unlike most others. The Twitterverse was aflame with controversy, and in this case, the point of focus for us (cause we err on the side of absurdity), was a photoshop-crafted rumor of Caesar Salad-flavored Pop-Tarts. The humanity! People were losing their minds. So well, I stepped in, and asked if these sick creations might be frosted with ranch. And there it is. The FAIL. The stupidity. The learning. It’s a Caesar Salad-flavored Pop-Tart, my dude. No ranch on this shit, unless you’re a maniacal, ranch-crazed beast; and in that case, pour a little extra for the FAIL at hand.

But hey, that’s what we’re here for. Sharing the fails, and crafting some of our own (unknowingly), along the way. In this case, we’ve got one we think you’ll enjoy. And what would we be without capitalizing on our own Fails? I mean, come on. Follow us over on Twitter here, if you want to catch me doing more spicy banter, stupid shit, and playing around in the Twitterverse. 

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