Influencers Are Taking Selfies At A Pretty Lake That’s Actually A Toxic Waste Dump

Instagram influencers are ignoring health and safety concerns, and taking selfies at a pretty blue Siberian lake that's actually a toxic waste dump.

Yes, that striking soul-piercing blue lake in Siberia that Instagram influencers are migrating towards in the chase for the next great selfie, is actually a toxic waste dump. The company that uses the lake to dump waste for the Heating and Electric Station No. 5 was forced to release a statement amidst the aggressive, mindless stupidity. The statement reads at one point, “you can not swim in the ash dump.” 

Buzzfeed even reports that one dedicated influencer described the water as “warm and tastes sweet-ish.” You can’t make this level of stupid up. It’s as if it walked off the script of a post apocalyptic movie itself. 

Are these the end times? A bunch of influencers blinded by their own lust for social media viral fame that they disregard viable statements from concerned officials; and proceed to swim around in toxic waste dumps? We sincerely hope that everyone ends up being alright. 

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